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Change the way your audience engages by hosting a virtual event with the most innovative, configurable, secure and reliable virtual events platform. Our cloud-based product allows you to create customized virtual environments to better engage with your audience and generate leads.  Virtual events take place within a highly interactive, online environment with rich content, multiple locations, live chat rooms, and webcast sessions.

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Key Features

Access to your virtual environment from any device, on any browser with HTML 5

Seamless mobile experience

Customizable to your needs and brand

Real time reporting and analytics

Open API for easy integration with your marketing tools

“We could get our message out quickly, easily, and create the same excitement we would as if we hosted an event, without the stress and high dependency on our OPEX budget.”

Steve Pataky, SonicWall Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Why choose 6Connex



Built to be flexible and configurable, to bring every client’s individual vision to life

Allows attendees to join without installing a browser plug-in such as Flash

virtual career fair platform

Dedicated to innovation in virtual events

The 6Connex platform is focused on innovation and development and is not limited to webcasting

A robust development roadmap, with client input, delivers feature enhancements and “big ideas”


Hosted entirely in the cloud

Hosted on AWS for security and flexibility; scale is never an issue

Other providers manage their own datacenters, leaving clients open to more risk and making scale a challenge


Service and support like no other

Dedication to client success at every level: strategy, best practices, detailed project plans, and shared project workspace

Live event support and ongoing Q&A


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