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Hootsuite: Virtual Summit Case Study



Connect Via Hootsuite-an Online Conference Using 6Connex
For the latest Hootsuite online conference-known as Connect Via Hootsuite-the company was looking to improve the user experience for attendees. It turned to 6Connex for help. Connect Via Hootsuite was a truly global event, complete with a 24-hour “follow-the-sun” schedule. The virtual conference included 29 seminars and 16 booths staffed by employees from Hootsuite and its partner companies. Because the 6Connex platform is built entirely in HTML5, conference-goers could attend the event on any device-including desktop, tablets, and smartphones-a first for the event. 6Connex’s advanced virtual environment platform enabled Ohlsen and the Hootsuite team to deliver a virtual conference experience that simply would not have been possible in previous conferences.


On the day of the live virtual event, Hootsuite saw:


Total Attendance


Total Content Views


Total Webinar Views


Total Booth Entries


Average Attendee Duration

In addition, the virtual environment remained open to drive additional traffic and awareness. In the 2 months following the live virtual event, Hootsuite saw:


Additional Unique Attendees


Additional Content Views


Leads Into the Sales Funnel


Lead Generation at Scale

Rhett Ohlsen and the team at Hootsuite are always working to improve the results they achieve from online conferences. “Personally, I’ve done five of these events,” said Ohlsen, Digital Events Specialist at the company. “This was the first one we did with 6Connex.”Hootsuite virtual conferences are meant to replicate the experience of a physical conference. They include much of what you’d find at a live, in-person conference, including training courses, booths, and partner vendors. “It’s lead gen at scale,” Ohlsen said. “It’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate the caliber of our solution to a grander audience.” According to Hootsuite’s tracking metrics, the recent edition of Connect Via Hootsuite provided a better overall experience than any previous edition of the conference. Most importantly, Connect Via Hootsuite had a strong positive impact on the company’s sales pipeline.

“Our quality of event-what we call our Event Net Promoter Score—went from 63 to 80, which is a big jump. It means people thought the event was better than the one we held last time-and that they would be more likely to recommend the event to their friends and coworkers.”
– Rhett Ohlsen, Digital Events Specialist at Hootsuite

“The ultimate goal is to keep them in there as long as we can and to create value. 6Connex brought to the table far superior functionality that just wasn’t present in other solutions.”
– Rhett Ohlsen, Digital Events Specialist at Hootsuite

“People are willing to give their information for the first time at an event like Connect Via Hootsuite. It pushed thousands of leads through the funnel and influenced hundreds of sales-ready opportunities for us.”
– Rhett Ohlsen, Digital Events Specialist at Hootsuite


Ohlsen and the Hootsuite team were wowed by the service and support provided by the 6Connex team.

“I loved how they took a staff-enablement approach. They were super-receptive to our needs and were super-easy to work with.”
– Rhett Ohlsen, Digital Events Specialist at Hootsuite

A key feature for Hootsuite was a more comprehensive integration with Marketo. 6Connex also worked to evaluate and integrate several other features requested by the Hootsuite team. 6Connex was also proactive in contributing ideas for improving the conference-ideas Ohlsen and the Hootsuite team would never have thought of on their own.

“The 6Connex team was beyond proactive, They were very forthcoming about different ways to enhance the experience. And they were very, very open to innovating and enhancing the tool to suit our needs or improve something on the fly.”
– Rhett Ohlsen, Digital Events Specialist at Hootsuite

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