Prep Your Reps to Be Virtual Conversation Pros


Don’t underestimate the value of the virtual conversation. And don’t overestimate how prepared your reps are to make their conversations worthwhile. Help your reps become virtual conversation pros and they’ll be ready to take on every opportunity to chat.

Whether your program is for customers or employees, you likely have representatives assigned to help out during live webcasts and other activity. Prepare your reps to engage the audience and answer questions with these simple ideas for 1:1, small group and public chats.

  • Greet attendees at the start of the day, welcoming them to the environment.
  • Offer a suggestion for making the most of the program, such as how to find peers or what time a key session is starting.
  • Move attendees through the day’s agenda; for instance, chat with individuals lingering in the lounge to move them to a live keynote.
  • Ask attendees for their feedback on a main stage session or moderated chat; suggest the best datasheet/video/booth that will extend their learning.
  • Introduce attendees to experts or executives by inviting them into a small group chat.
  • Monitor public chats and contribute relevant comments to keep the conversation moving.
  • Keep an eye out for anyone posting a technical issue; help out by directing them to the help desk or technical support.
  • At the end of the day, suggest a next step; recommend attendees sign up for a future webcast or even schedule a formal sales presentation.
  • Use the watch list to record notes and capture conversations on top prospects.
  • Connect with other reps via the dashboard to ensure appropriate attendee coverage

Bonus Tip

Create a live event guide for your reps that includes mini-scripts for conversations, answers to commonly asked questions and a predetermined method to manage a large audience. Be sure to include a full agenda with notes on how reps can help throughout the day.

Download the Virtual Conversations Tip Sheet here.